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What is   bv no more

It's a book, written by Jennifer O'Brien that contains about 150 pages of information on how to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. Jennifer describes a simple 5 steps program, in clear language, that helps you overcome bacterial vaginosis naturally forever.

What do I like:

The first result you can feel  in the first 3 days after the start

Its a fully natural heel so you don't need to use any medicines  with its side effects

If you don't feel better in  4 days you will get your money back without any questions

You always can ask Jennifer for support. There is a closed forum for discussing the process of healing.

What we don't like:

Bacterial vaginosis has similar symptoms to candidosis so you need to make sure that you suffering from bacterial vaginosis(Jennifer O'Brien said that her program helps also with candidosis) But we think that you have to know exactly that you have a BV before the start.

 Jennifer said that symptoms will go in  3 days, but its only some main symptoms like the vaginal odor, smelly discharges, and some others. But You need about 20-30 days to overcome the problem at all. So you have to be ready to get your ass up and do something.

So if you are ready to beat your bacterial vaginosis welcome.


Cindy story

Bacterial vaginosis no more review

When I first sensed that I was having a sick fishy smell emanating from my vagina I was so scared and disgusted that I didn’t know what to do! I felt as if going to the doctor would expose me! It was very humiliating. I tried to find alternate methods to treat myself and made the worst mistake of relying on sprays, herbs and all sorts of other things. I even tried douching myself. NOTHING helped! In fact my infection went out of control! Thanks to my friend that I finally found your e-book! All BV symptoms are gone in less than 1 week! I feel so relieved! "

-- Cindy B. (F 32) Arizona, USA

Sarah story

When I went to my doctor and complained about the burning and itching of my vagina and the unpleasant odor and discharge that I suffered from, especially after sex, she told me that I was suffering from something which every 1 out of 3 women of childbearing age suffered from. Bacterial Vaginosis! She said that the treatment was very simple. A course of metronidazole would do the trick! I heaved a sigh of relief! I started the course and as was expected and told by the doctor my infection subsided. But the relief was temporal! It happened again and again I started off the course of antibiotics! With every re-attack the infection became stronger and with every course of antibiotics my body reacted fiercer than before! I started suffering from dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, nausea and loss of appetite. I would be vomiting and suffer from low persistent fever! I was a wreck! And then by sheer luck my sister-in-law who had also suffered in the past came over for a vacation to us. When she heard the mess I was on she immediately suggested I try your program! Jennie, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you have done for me! In a matter of weeks, I am 100% perfect and my body is back to perfect condition! You healed me off something no doctor could! God Bless you and your family!"

-- Sarah G. (F 38) Florida, USA

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