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V-core Lift Essential Program For Women's Pelvic Floor Health review


This is my story

Hi, Im Tilda and Im a 47 years old woman. in about 44 years I have menopause.

After It I got problems with Peeining in my Pants,beside I was not able to control my gases(spontaneous farting).Thats shames me lot of times. I have visit a lot of doctors, some of them just said that suсh problems are not rare in my age, but don't know how to fix it. One doc prescribe me some drugs, that give some facilitation, but I feels terrible because of side effects.So I have leave those drugs. Once I have visit one very old doctor he is a nevrologyst and he said me that all my problems asociated with week muscles of pelvic floor. As he was the first doc who tell me the reason of my problem, I belive him and start to search how to make my pelvic muscles stronger. It was a real hard work to find a good information. But one day I have a luck to find The V-core Lift Essential Program For Women's Pelvic Floor Health tutorials That contais all nessesary information that I need in one place, besides author answer my questions when I need. So it takes me about 5-10 minutes a day durrin 3 weeks to get positive changes.After about 4 weeks most of my symptoms gone. Now I feels confident and wonderful. Beside I feel that my “Lady Parts” become very strong and tighten and my orgasm is deeper now. My new boyfriend said that he love it. So if you have the same problems as I, Ill recommend you to learn this info.  So Isa Herrera create a perfect solution to fix my problems

Everything You Need To Know To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Pelvic Floor,  Improve Leaking and Prolapse, Enjoy Intimacy, and Be the Strong Woman You Were Meant To Be

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Symptoms of weakening intimate muscles

It may seem to someone that the weakening of intimate muscles is not a medical problem, but just a defect that can prevent a full sexual life. And this is not far from the truth, but ... only at first. If you do not engage in prevention and do not pay attention to the first symptoms, it may gradually deteriorate, you may even need surgery. 

How and when to train intimate muscles

So, our goal is to strengthen vaginal muscles to prevent or eliminate the unpleasant effects described above. Intimate muscle training will certainly have a positive effect: it will help in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the urinary and sexual systems, will improve the intimate life. Small pelvic tissue as a result of training becomes more elastic, improves blood circulation in them, produces more female hormones.


We emphasize that in serious stages of weakening of the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles when there is already a pronounced omission of organs, only surgery will help! However, after it, such gymnastics will also be useful to consolidate the achieved effect and prevent exacerbations. 

In addition, it is useful to train pelvic muscles in preparation for pregnancy, in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy (if the doctor allows it!) - in order to avoid ruptures during childbirth and reduce the likelihood of weakness in labor. 

The most effective exercises you can get by link


God bless Isa Herrera and her job

Hi, Tilda, thanks for the review. Tell me, please how long it takes you to get rid of peeining in pants. And how do you think if Im 55 years old, does this program helps me?
I think that age does not matter because all exercises are very simple and you don't need to work hard on it like in the gym. I have mostly stop peening in pants in about 4 weeks after I start to work on it. I think that time needed to get result depend on muscle condition and some other physiological factors