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Hi, Im Tilda Parsons, I have tried the Yoga Burn system and got excellent results here is my photo before and after 

yoga burn results

So I got such a result only in 12 weeks and my weight and muscles stay in good form for a long period of time. But I must say that I continue to do exercises because I feel relaxed and calm. Yoga Burn is a complete 12-week program designed to help you tone and firm your body while losing weight and improving flexibility. Yoga is one of my favorite forms of exercise so I was beyond excited to try this program and share my experiences with the Yoga Burn program!

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Zoe Bray-Cotton has over ten years of experience both in Yoga teaching and as a personal trainer. This allowed her to create the best health and fitness programs for women. Presently, the Yoga Burn program guides thousands of customers all across the world. Moreover, with Yoga Burn, you don’t need any exercise equipment or membership programs to get the health benefits of yoga exercises.

Problems with excess weight are often due to metabolic disorders, a consequence of poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity. Yoga, the main aim of which is to establish internal balance, involves doing special exercises to find balance in the body, as well as observing the principles of proper nutrition. Such a comprehensive approach to holistic health helps to saturate tissues with oxygen, thereby improving metabolic processes and contributing to weight loss.

During the performance of yoga postures, practically all the muscles of the body are activated, they are statically loaded, as a result, the flexibility of the body improves, muscles are developed and strengthened, excess fat is burned and the body gets relief. During such workouts, weight loss occurs, but excess fat is replaced by muscle mass, so the weight loss effect may be barely noticeable. To reduce the rate of muscle growth, you can perform stretching exercises instead of strength exercises.

As a philosophy of inner renewal, yoga allows you to instill healthy eating habits, increase physical activity, and have a beneficial effect on your overall health.

In the process of fighting weight, the most difficult thing is to start. Laziness, fear, shyness, and feeling unwell get in the way. It is not possible to sit on a diet for a long time, and it can be embarrassing to sign up for the gym. Yoga for weight loss for beginners - this is one way to combine a proper diet, and exercise to get rid of complexes. It is not the number of calories burned in a single moment that matters, but the desire to stay slim and healthy for life.

On the plate, "clean" food, which is not able to poison the body, causes ill health and addiction: a minimum of hot spices and salt, a complete absence of semi-finished products, and refined sweets.

It is not necessary to become a vegetarian or give up coffee and goodies. Yogis are tolerant of human weaknesses and any of the adepts will agree that even in a few months it is impossible to completely change the diet. A gradual transition to a healthy diet and mindfulness in food choices is what prana is all about. Just think before you put something in your mouth: What good will it do me?

There is probably not a single person who has not known or heard of yoga, the most ancient system of self-knowledge that can lead not only to psychological balance but also to the recovery of the entire body. But while thousands of articles and hundreds of treatises have been written about the spiritual component, not so much is known about the "physical" side.

So, we can consider the basic principle of correct postures. All asanas must be performed in strict accordance with the rules, otherwise you can not only fail to get the desired effect but also cause harm to your body.

Equally important is the principle of correct movement: entering and leaving an asana should be smooth (even in fast ashtanga vinyasa yoga): Sharp movements, and jerks can negate all efforts, and in the worst case lead to muscle stretching.

And finally, the principle of relaxation - without which power yoga is unthinkable. This principle helps you tune in properly to the practice and rest afterwards, preparing the body to re-enter the "big" world of necessary everyday movements.

As we found out, a set of exercises aimed at working with the spirit, mind, and body can also have a very beneficial effect on one's physical condition. But will it also help to fight with extra pounds? Skeptical people will immediately say that yoga exercises for losing weight on the abdomen have little effectiveness. And they would be wrong: static loads work just as well as dynamic exercises. In order to keep the body in a static asana requires a considerable amount of energy. For example, after an hour of training at a fitness club, a woman who weighs 60 kg loses about 200 calories per hour. At the same time in a relaxing class (Hatha) the consumption of calories is the same 200 calories. Power Yoga for 60 minutes burns about 350 calories. Even greater results are possible; for example, Bikram yoga classes at a room temperature of 42 degrees give an opportunity to burn about 500 calories during the class.

Many beginners wonder when it's better to practice: in the morning or in the evening. Each time has its own advantages (if you choose the right set of exercises): morning yoga burn is energizing and "starts" the metabolic process for the whole day, while evening yoga helps to stretch the muscles that got tired during the day and does not let the fat burning process stop even at night.

This simple, convenient practice doesn’t require any exercise bands or gym equipment; however, the fast-moving energetic activities can truly help the clients get into shape. The yoga burn has created a vast community of yoga fans worldwide, and over...
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