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The Bonsai Tree Care System review

The Bonsai Tree Care SystemHi, That is what I got using  The Bonsai Tree Care System. One of my friends has a count of beautiful small trees in pots in his house. He told that it is a bonsai and he grows it himself. Also, he said that it is easy, but takes some time. I imagine that will make the same or even better, as I have some experience with flowers. I start with 3 trees. First all going well, but as a result, all of them were dead. I was very disappointed and start search info about bonsai. But my trees are dead again and again. 

Once I was lucky to get The Bonsai Tree Care System pdf book. After I learn it, the result was perfect as you can see in the photo. So if you don't want to waste your time searching for info and kill a huge count of your bonsai trees, I recommend using this manual.

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Bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees. It is an achievement native to China, which over time has managed to conquer the whole world. It is possible to grow mini-copies of deciduous and other crops at home, so you can postpone the purchase of a ready-made plant. However, whatever bonsai is, it requires careful care.

Juniper bonsai

 Available to grow for experienced growers and beginners alike. Such a bonsai does not need frequent watering in winter, there are no special requirements for humidity, temperature, and light. Its unpretentiousness is its advantage. Drip irrigation for indoor plants with their own hands In winter, the tree needs rest more than watering, and therefore the soil should dry out in this period. Despite the unpretentiousness of keeping juniper bonsai, the tree requires a little attention and minimal watering.

There are two kinds of shrubs and tree seeds suitable for exotic bonsai. One type of crop can be used immediately for germination, and the other part undergoes a hibernation period in which the seedling must wait out the cold season. Stratification in a home environment will serve as a simulation of winter. Juniper is perfectly described in Bonsai Tree Care System.

Bonsai Tree Care System


Miniature is planted in a shallow flat container, controlling the growth of the culture and allowing the formation and pruning of its root system and crown. Each year, the tree is transplanted into a slightly larger container. Preference is given to ceramic pots, which can withstand the weight of the plants. This is especially true for cascading forms of bonsai. At the bottom of the container make several drainage holes that help to remove moisture and allow the plant to be attached to them. A suitable pot before planting the culture should be scalded with boiling water or treated with a solution of manganese solution to protect the roots of the tree from fungal diseases.

The Bonsai Tree Care System pdf download